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Skopje – Krusevo Tour


The tour includes visit to the city Krusevo, which guards the evidences of the Macedonian revolutionary and cultural past. This living museum of architecture dreams of the time when number of people will be delighted with magnificent clean air will enjoy skiing, flights with parachutes and will be appalled by the wealth of Krusevo’s guest’s rooms.

Let us show you some of the best representatives of the city architecture: Toshe Proeski’s memorial house, the churches of St. Nikola and St. Jovan, the museum-gallery of Nikola Martinovski, and the Makedonium monument. We will also visit the Museum of the Ilinden rebellion, one of the highlights of this tour. If time allows, we will also do a short visit of craft workshop. Also, if time and whetaher allows we will visit and monastery St. Preobrazenie, which was built by wish of Toshe Proeski. After that returnt to Skopje.


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